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Digitally transforming real estate assets into smart buildings
that improve tenant experiences, address climate change,
reduce operating expenses, and increase asset value.

25 years

A Global Leader
in Smart Building

Our innovative end-to-end smart building solution provides our clients with the tools they need to get more out of their building systems. From fault detection and diagnostics to telecom riser management, our smart building solutions drive results and have helped our clients operate buildings more efficiently, achieve notable recognition within the industry, and most importantly, reduce energy consumption and GHG emissions to build greener communities and strengthen tenant engagement.

Helping our clients to save

9.471 MWh
of electricity
the total electricity
consumption of
826 homes
in one year.
carbon dioxide
GHG reduction of
2,151,849 eKgCO2
equivalent to removing
659 passengers vehicles
from the road for a year.
natural gas
25,804 GJ
of Natural Gas,
the total energyconsumption of
253 homes

in one year.

North America's Top Real Estate Companies
and Building Owners Partner With Us

The Transformative Solution
for Smart Building Optimization

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Our transformative, all-encompassing HIVE solution offers all of the services property owners,
and managers require to digitize and re-engineer their building systems and processes
to address the new needs of tenants and the demands of climate change.

Leveraging high availability smart building solutions like HIVE, help clients from early planning stages
through to implementation and continuous 24/7 monitoring and management to facilitate:

Cost Reductions & Operational efficiency
New revenue opportunities
Liability and risk mitigation
Increase in asset value
Tenant wellness and safety

So how do we do it?

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We Strategize Image

We Strategize

Our experts deliver a tailored strategy and tactical plan that will provide operational and financial value while keeping environmental impact top of mind for your organization to execute

We Implement Image

We Implement

We build data-driven solutions from the ground up and integrate them into existing systems by leveraging the latest cloud, data science and IoT technologies.

We Manage Image

We Manage

We manage the underlying technology integrated into your operations. We work with your staff and stakeholders to deliver on predefined strategies and goals.

We Optimize Image

We Optimize

Buildings and their tenants generate a lot of data. We use your building data to identify maintenance issues and optimize operations to drive efficiency, building sustainability, and tenant comfort.

Why Organizations
Partner With Us

Smart buildings are becoming increasingly prominent and desirable among property managers and owners, especially with Canadian government mandates pushing for net-zero emissions by 2050. Smart building solutions are the quickest path to meeting these decarbonization goals, but they also significantly increase asset value in the market.

With 25 years of proven experience in innovating transformative solutions, North America’s top real estate companies and building owners continue to trust us in helping them transform and optimize their real estate portfolios because of:
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Our People

Our staff of over 100 skilled professionals creates transformative solutions that make technology more accessible. Our level of care, commitment, and pride genuinely show as we build, and manage everything linked to your smart property.

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Our True Partnership

With thousands of smart clients, we’ve built long-lasting
relationships with numerous partners because of our
commitment to an end-to-end partnership built on
customization, collaboration, and transparency.
forward thinking

Our Forward-Thinking

We are always on the lookout for the next transformative business-impacting technology. We bring an innovative spirit to stay at the forefront of technology solutions that address the needs of all stakeholders. 
cycle icon proven methodology

Our Proven Methodology

We invest in understanding our client’s business challenges and goals. Through open communication, we are able to leverage everyone’s knowledge to deliver a superior level of service that drives results.

Ready to Transform
Your Building or
Property Portfolio

Learn how RYCOM’s smart building solutions can help you optimize building performance, find cost savings, and meet GHG emission targets. Start a conversation today.