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HIVE - The Next Generation
of Smart Solutions

HIVE provides a data-rich solution that enables buildings to be more environmentally sustainable and helps organizations reduce costs, reduce risk, reduce their carbon footprint, enable the best tenant experience, and increase real estate asset value. An integrated suite of solutions and services designed to work together with your properties, tenants and portfolios to change the way buildings fundamentally operate and engage with your tenants. Our HIVE solution addresses a building’s telecom, security, infrastructure and digital transformation needs.

The Transformative Solution
for Smart Optimization

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The Transformative Solution
for Smart Optimization

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Digital Transformation

Develop a customized smart building strategy and tactical plan
Address maintenance issues before they become problems
Translate data into meaningful actions
Data has helped our clients reduce GHG emissions by over 1, 000, 000 ekgC02

Smart Vision

Smart building strategies are evolving as the importance of ESG increases, with a focus on buildings, tenants, new technologies, and data.  Our smart vision creation service enables our team of experts to engage your organization’s leaders and collaboratively define your property’s telecommunications, data, and technology needs and guide you through the execution of a customized smart building strategy and tactical plan to deliver on short and long term business goals. The deliverables from our smart vision creation service will impact decisions around revenue, operations, tenant services, guest amenity services, sustainability/ESG, and the communities serviced by the property.


Buildings generate a lot of data that’s only useful if building managers can translate it into meaningful actions. Our data intelligence service collects data from building systems to drive energy optimization, maintenance efficiency and tenant comfort.  Our building systems advisors act as an extension of your operations/facilities management team and use root cause analytics to address maintenance issues before they become problems, lead to excessive strain on HVAC equipment, or cause tenant comfort issues. To date, Canadian buildings that utilize our data intelligence platform and services have reduced GHG emissions by over 1,000,000 ekgCo2, making it a solution of choice for the Federal Government of Canada, and private Canadian real estate clients.

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Systems Foundations

Core infrastructure needed to achieve a smart building environment
Consolidate all building systems into a single base building network
24/7 monitoring of building networks, remote diagnostic, troubleshooting, or technician dispatch

Base Building

As evolving technologies continue to play a more prominent role in building operations,  more property owners and managers now have the ability to own and manage their own cabling and network infrastructure. Our base building network service is customized to each particular asset and helps owners and managers consolidate parallel building networks for individual vendors, operations, and tenants into a single base building network, resulting in substantial capital and operating cost savings, and is the first step in achieving a smart building environment. We have designed, deployed, supported and operated BBNs in all asset classes across Canada, providing building management operational control, simplified technology deployment, and minimized risk of cyber attacks.

Managed Services

High availability for critical building infrastructure is key as failure in any building system can be detrimental to a variety of levels of operations. As a result, we fully operate the deployed technology and solution providing customers access and full visibility. Customers can also use our tools and controls, and operate the applications and assets while we provide platform availability and use support. Our 24/7 managed services utilize a specialized network operations centre (NOC) to monitor building networks and facilitate remote diagnostic, troubleshooting, or technician dispatch as required. We have experience monitoring hundreds of thousands of IT/OT and IoT devices in real-time for our clients across Canada and maintaining PCI-level compliance which includes keeping critical network hardware, software and data secure and up to date.

Master System

Given current occupancy trends in the real estate industry, a key challenge is improving tenant experience and meeting environmental objectives while maintaining or reducing capital and operational intensities. Our master system integrator service allows us to work collaboratively with your team to determine the value and desired outcomes of each smart tech and data initiative to ensure they will have a positive impact. We ensure data is accessible from all building systems, including legacy systems, to enable the deployment of current and future integration and use cases.

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Ensuring mission-critical telecom infrastructure is securely accessible
Telecom spaces are well maintained and up to code
 Telecom License Agreement Facilitation to uncover potential revenue opportunities
Cable abatement to reduce congestion and provide environmentally sound waste diversion and increasing leed points
Reducing tenant disruption with any telecommunication activity in your space

Telecom Riser
Management (TRM)

Telecom connectivity is mission-critical to your building and tenant operations. Our telecom riser management services create a telecom strategy, that ensures that your telecom spaces are well maintained, up to code, eco-friendly and profitable. We provide contractor management to ensure the right people have access to your telecom spaces, pre and post-construction coordination, telecom infrastructure drawing reviews and telecom license agreement facilitation with all telco carriers wishing to have occupancy in your buildings. TRM services are national and serve all asset classes., helping organizations mitigate risk & liability, reduce costs & redundancies, uncover potential revenue opportunities and enhance tenant relationships.


As the telecom industry moves from wireline to wireless 5G transformation, proactive management of abandoned infrastructures facilitates faster telecom service provider installations for your tenants and building operations teams. With our infrastructure services, our team completely removes all abandoned cable and hardware within your telecom spaces, revitalizing the space and enabling support for new technologies. As part of our infrastructure services, all cable abatement projects include a Certificate of Waste Diversion for the recycling of abandoned infrastructure which may contribute to LEED points for your property GHG reduction. 

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Both physical and logical security
Reduce the risk of physical threats and ensure the safety of tenants and guests
Utilize new technologies such as occupancy metrics
Open protocol non-proprietary to ensure long-term longevity of product viability


Security is a critical part of delivering comfort, joy and safety to all tenant types.Security threats to real estate properties continue to grow as occupancy patterns change and operations are increasingly digitized. Our security service is monitored and managed 24/7 and has many components that offer property owners and managers peace of mind, including access control, CCTV, intrusion, fire alarm monitoring, BAS control and lighting. Our platform is based upon open protocol software and utilizes non-proprietary hardware and software, and has been deployed across Canada. By using occupancy data and physical security systems, owners and managers can greatly improve tenant experience and even impact overall energy consumption and carbon emission footprint.


As part of your protected asset pool, our holistic cybersecurity solution is focused on three key areas: confidentiality, availability, and integrity. Our experts monitor networks to protect information from unauthorized access, ensure the right information is available to only the right people, and ensure information and its source have not been altered. We will create a baseline from what is happening on the network to determine what is normal behavior for your environment. Through attack vector definition creation, we will provide early detection and execute pre-emptive actions based on abnormal behavior.

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