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Smart Real Estate Trends: A Deep Dive into Smart, Simple and Low-Cost Sensors

Smart Real Estate Trends
Find out how smart, simple and low-cost sensors make system interactions, and the journey between them, possible and materially easier.

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Can we improve on or do things differently than in the past? This question sparked the technology revolution that continues to drive efficiencies and innovation in all aspects of our economic universe. How we approach manufacturing, manage real estate, operate critical infrastructure and interact with people in our daily lives has been impacted by complex systems working together to generate better results and break new ground. At RYCOM, we call this “Systems at Work™”, and it lies at the core of everything we do.

Smart, simple and low-cost sensors have allowed system interactions and the journey between these systems to occur and have made them materially easier. This week, we will explore this topic in more depth by taking a dive into “Smart, Simple and Low-Cost Sensors” which we originally introduced in our article Top 7 Industry Trends for Smart Real Estate.


Internet of Things (IoT) Smart CityRe-engineering “Systems at Work™”

Internet of Things (IoT) sensors are not new to the industry, and many business sectors from healthcare to logistics have seen the increased use of IoT sensors for a variety of purposes for years. Every day, this technology is employed to detect seismic events, temperature, pressure changes, heart rates, occupancy, wind speed and climate change and allow for the generation and utilization of data to make critical business decisions.


Increased demand over the past five years has led to the development of smaller, smart, faster, cheaper and more powerful sensor technology. This trend towards more effective sensors enables companies like RYCOM to rapidly embed IoT sensors into systems using cases that leave behind a trail of digital sensor crumbs that connect places, things and people. Through this technology, it’s possible to obtain greater insight into how things are done today and how they can be modified to better support tomorrow.



Going Beyond Systems at Work™

Equally as important as the opportunity to re-engineer “Systems at Work™” is the ability to capture and retain decades of latent experience from the processes and the people that operate them. Today’s IoT sensor technology allows us to see things digitally as they occur and send commands to intervene when needed. Also, IoT sensors enable the continuous collection of data so that we can learn about trends, assess and optimize.



It’s important to note that most IoT sensors on their own are simple uni-functional devices, but they operate as part of a collective of sensors – acting like a HIVE™ that provides structure, extracts information and provides continuous insight into Systems at Work™. The real collateral benefit from IoT sensors is the ability to choose the right sensor that can be deployed into existing environments that are capable of providing digital visibility into aged systems, processes, technology and things. As technology speeds up the world, we can simplify existing working systems by breaking them down into understandable pieces, which allows greater visibility into complicated systems and operations.



Deceptively Simple Technology Can Serve as the Building Blocks for Complex Solutions

IoT sensors provide continuous, remote, digital visibility into discrete elements and collected data from Systems at Work™. This data can be continuously analyzed, viewed locally or remotely, and establishes the foundation for monitoring and management of system performance that will make autonomous decision-making a natural next step. IoT sensors represent the raw data that enables advanced analytics to occur, creating decision rules and allowing sophisticated algorithms to learn and create the building blocks for AI.

It’s easy to fall into the trap that simple equals inferior or less important. As with most things in life, this is not true when it comes to this important building block technology. An IoT sensor provides a lens of simplicity into a complex environment where it can be used to drive innovation and efficiencies for your business.


Interested in learning more about RYCOM HIVE™ Services and Solutions? Contact one of our Sales Specialists today at hivehelp@rycom.com or 1-877-927-9266 and let us show you why we are the right smart building partner for your business.


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